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After an experience of more than 15 years, Why Not Consulting agency can certify that it has created transparency in the field of communication. Plain language is the more powerful that you seek the most limpid, sharp and precise visibility.

The base of communication is to be understood, seen and felt by everyone. WNC innovates in the language of business to make it even simpler, and therefore more powerful. Our highly qualified team meets your tiniest needs, because for WNC, every client is unique. We always handle your communication in such ways that your goals are honored with praise.

Since 2005, the agency has had the privilege to work with renowned companies, foundations and institutions, as well as with international groups and ambitious SMEs.

The term Press relations refers to the respect which binds to the various media to honor preset objectives, including that of circulating a positive representation at all levels.


The work of WNC is rooted primarily in the perfect understanding of the different aspects, mindsets and challenges which its clients have to face up to. The agency intervenes to communicate internally and externally, to launch a product, establish or rehabilitate the notoriety of a brand, manage a crisis, reposition an image in communication, or to launch a product.

WNC analyses prior to implementing a customized communication campaign.

Bringing together a team of experts in the communications industry, Marketing executives and talented designers, the agency develops customized public relations strategies in order to propel the brands of its clients’.

Knowing and acknowledging the need of each client helps us in the management of our creativity in terms of press and public relations. This perfect perception is built on mutual understanding. It is therefore a human relationship of trust.

Media Consulting

WNC acts as a wise and well-informed advisor and provides expertise in the development of strategies in different disciplines. It performs this task by offering high-impact and tightly focused actions for each sector.

Identifying the target, knowing it, defining its movement, its interests and its capacity for action in a specific environment are all elements that mark our consultancy competence in outlining proper and appropriate procedures.

The objective is to identify a message for each client or event, a message that underscores the intentions materialized, the target to reach and the image to circulate in a healthy environment.

The duties of the PR specialists and the responsibilities incumbent to them are growing in parallel. They can meet the challenges in the long-term only if they enjoy a sound professional background and a sufficient practical experience.

WNC stands available to its partners and collaborators in order to respond to their diverse interests. This is, in fact, one of its main tasks both in the present and in the futur

Takes advantage of the communication complex

The world comprehends reality mainly through communication processes. Communication is accomplished in different modes – verbal and non-verbal. Its range of activities starts in personal discussions and covers all forms of written, audio and visual transmissions up to information and opinion formation processes and in the media.

PR describe the organizations’ political, economic, social and cultural flexibility and room to maneuver.

Their task is to communicate the identity of these organizations, but also their goals, interests and achievements in a targeted way, both internally and externally.

WNC favors dialogue. Our business is closely linked to the interests of organizations of all types and bets on general understanding through credibility in its broadest sense. The creation and maintenance of a relationship of trust between our management and partners are therefore the main objectives of the agency.

In communication, there is humanity; and thus, the will to perfect human exchange.

This means that interests and objectives must be presented in a transparent and competent way with a positive communication attitude. Differences of opinion and behavior should not be unilateral, counterarguments should also find their place in the decision-making processes of our partners.

WNC manages the complex information flow from a partner according to the objectives to be achieved and the messages to be disseminated. This is done while observing and analyzing the internal and external positions and contributing to the decision-making process.

Creating balance on the one hand and relaying of public interest on the other, WNC provides guidance and advice to frame a coherent communication strategy based on short, medium and long terms which is a prerequisite to effective profitability. To achieve this, PR experiences its role between its partners and Opinion in the essential sense of the terms.

Understanding the target as a matter of fact obviousness helps to serve by the intelligence of the message.

Public Relations are varied as no other discipline is

WNC encompass a wide range of tasks. In fact, multifaceted relations between an institution and its various stakeholders require the use of instruments. The overview of some of the most important disciplines illustrates the great diversity in the field of WNC.

The agency provides all the means required for a company, institution or startups to communicate. In addition to public relations, corporate communication includes advertising, sales promotion and sponsorship.


Since no industry is immune to disasters, accidents, internal conflicts or other crisis situations, this concept includes the design of communication strategies and all the measures used to control contingency or any risk for the company. Our main aim is to check the development of crises and to ensure the credibility of companies, administrations or events.


WNC ensures the process through which is performed the systematic accompaniment of the evolution of a problem that affects a partner from its inception, to take the problem into account while making internal decisions and to handle it proficiently in the public debate.


For WNC, this discipline is unlike advertising. It aims essentially to express the will to create the understanding of any product or service and to build trust in them among target groups by using factual information.

The public is this absolute power to respect but without compromising its assessments.

Our Occupational


How to relay motivating information and convey corporate culture?

Prior to addressing the public sphere, a firm has a lot to gain in designing a strategy of internal communication tools. Brochures, Corporation Information Bulletins, newsletters, corporate videos are all tools that will allow the firm to inform of its successes and of specific characters as well as to communicate its corporate values and to contribute to the feeling of belonging.


Whether it is for the creation of content for websites, catalogues, videos, advertising literature, press kits or speeches, WNC draws on its journalistic experience to produce content that is at the same time powerful and attractive.


Ranging from the coordination of a press luncheon to the launch of a product or an organization, WNC makes its events’ planning experts available to its clients. Because every client is unique and has a story to tell, the agency tailor makes your events entirely so as to adjust them to your objectives, needs and targets. WNC will deliver you a turnkey event.


How to position a brand or a concept in the public marketplace? How to convey a message to the target of your company? WNC listens and under- takes market research studies before it proceeds with advising and designing communication strategic action plans, marketing tools and relations with the press.

Press Relation

Thanks to a close relationship with all the national and international media, WNC can ensure a proficient service of press relations strategies. The agency optimizes editorial opportunities for the benefit of its clients. Relations with the press remain our know-how par excellence.

Daring to challenge and managing to live through contingency remain key elements of positive evaluation.

Proceed systematically within a true scientific dynamism and make the path you walk on shine without respite

WNC manages relations of excellency

WNChandles the business relations of the firm taking into account its specific environment. Regardless of the size and the activity of the firm, WNC has a multitude of PR instruments to connect it with its more diverse target groups. The Agency takes care of the notoriety and image of the company in order to allow it to emerge and confirm its positioning in the marketplace.

WNC knows well enough how information evolves in time and space to be able to establish prestigious links between society, economy andthe public opinion.

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  • we strategize an integrated approach that defines the apt mix of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid, Social Media, and Content Marketing, delivering the targeted traffic to your online assets.
  • Our team of certified web marketers acts as trusted partners for our customers.

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